Spotlight on Dermal Microneedling

Spotlight on Dermal Microneedling

Winter wreaks havoc on skin creating a dry rough texture that no amount of moisturising can taclke on its own.

We have devised a treatment to not only combat the surface texture but also to induce collagen production right down in the basal layer of the epidermis where skin cells are born.

This treatment can help with the following

-Stimulating collagen production

-Tightening and restoring elasticity (great for jowls)

-Softening fine lines

-Improves skins ability to absorb products.

This is a very specialised treatment with fantastic results. All Microneedling treatments booked oct/nov 2017 will include a complementary Diamond Microdermabrasion treatment two weeks after needling to remove any excess dry skin and complement the healing process.