Carbon Laser Facial


Also known as China Doll Facial, Hollywood Peel or Charcoal Black Doll Facial. This gentle procedure is safe on all skin types. Carbon Laser Facials is a non-invasive, painless procedure with no downtime. We will apply a layer of liquid carbon to your face (or body), allowing it to penetrate deeply into your pores and let it dry. The carbon bonds with any debris that are present deep in your pores.

We will then pass a laser across the surface of your skin. Because the laser light is super attracted to carbon particles, its energy and heat is absorbed by the carbon paste destroying the debris in your pores resulting in:

Reducing the signs of premature ageing
Improving skin integrity and radiance
Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
Increasing skin tone and texture
Stimulating collagen growth for firmer plumper skin
Reducing oily skin or exfoliating dry skin
Fading yellow/brown pigmentation

3 X treatments 2 weeks apart are optimal but you will see a nice difference after 1 treatment. A great treatment to have a week before a special event.

Carbon Laser Facial Pricing

 | Allow 1 hour




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