HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)


The Ultimate Lifting and Tightening Treatment

The HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) beams through the surface of the skin to deliver precise fractional ultrasound energy to the SMAS layer at 4.5mm (muscle firming) and deeper dermis at 3mm (collagen induction) with no disruption to the outer skin surface.

A natural facelift with NO needles, No knife and No downtime.

The process of skin regeneration and rejuvenation gradually continues as the collagen matrix is continually reformed, strengthened and re-modelled for up to 6 months.

Best visible results are usually seen after 6-10 weeks. Firming and lifting of the skin will continue for up to 6 months after the treatment making it ideal for people who like to be discreet about their skin anti-ageing maintenance.

Every client will receive a complementary Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial 12 weeks after HIFU facial for follow up consultation and to take after photos.


Neck – $350
Neck/Jowl – $525
Jowl/Cheeks – $525
Neck/Jowl/Cheeks – $750
Full Face/Neck – $900


The Ultimate Lifting and Tightening Treatment

In the HIFU Glow Facial we target the upper layers of the skin at a depth of 1.5mm. As new collagen regeneration is stimulated by the ultrasound energy, fine lines and wrinkles diminish leaving you with radiant, fresh, plumped and more youthful skin…with no needles and no downtime.

Best visible results are usually seen after 2-4 weeks with results lasting around 3 months depending on your age and skin type.



Full Face and Neck – $390
Decollete – $250
Neck and Decollete – $390
Full Face/Neck and Decollete – $550

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