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PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) is one of the most powerful anti-aging tools. Cells in the human body use the light composed of red, green, blue, yellow and infrared and then convert it into ATP, which is the fuel that powers life on a cellular level. When light therapy is used it triggers cellular activity thus producing ATP and once produced, the tissue uses it to carry out healing and rejuvenation in the treated area.


45-60min – $80
Prepaid course of 4 – $280
Add onto facial – $48
Add microdermabrasion – $35

Red LED Light

Rejuvenates, increases circulation and stimulates collagen production. The combination of red and infrared light is ideal for treating fine lines and wrinkles and promoting a more even skin complexion.

Green LED Light

Calming effect which has anti-inflammatory properties to improve oily skin and acne as well as improving lymphatic drainage.

Blue LED Light

Ideal for acne healing and sensitive skin care. Blue light inhibits the development of inflammatory conditions.

Yellow LED Light

Yellow light reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation. This colour is beneficial for treating Roseacea and has a tightening and toning effect on the skin.d pain relief.

Infrared LED Light

Infrared is invisible to the naked eye but penetrates deeper than any colour in the spectrum. It combats the signs of ageing and speeds up the healing process. It is great for wound healing and pain relief.


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