Cosmetic tattooing


Cosmetic tattooing has come a long way since the 80’s and 90’s where harsh blue/black lines were the best you could expect. With advanced technology and expert training soft beautiful brows and eyeliners is to be expected with a lot of detail and preparation going into each and every treatment.

Sheryl specialises in soft natural looks only. Being at the age where she started losing the fullness of her brows and definition of her eyes she only wanted to bring back what was naturally hers, not follow trends that would not suit her face shape and is best suited to younger women. This is what Sheryl brings to her clients, soft natural looks to re-define what was once your own. To minimise any discomfort we do use a topical numbing cream for both brows and liner.

Powder Brows

Powder brows are a soft natural cosmetic tattoo that fills in your brow line adding definition and colour to your existing brows. This is a great option for sparse and thinning brows as they create the appearance of fuller brows. Powder brows last approximately 1-3 years depending on your skin type and life style.

The brows are done in 2 sessions to ensure the best shape and retention of the pigment.

First session | 2hrs | $450
Second session | 1.5hrs | $150

(approx 6 weeks after 1st session)

Eyeliner Tattoo

The pigment is placed within the lashline so the eyelash base appears darker and fuller. This frames the eyes beautifully and cuts your morning routine down substantially. This method is for people who want a natural enhancing look.

Two sessions are required , approx 6 weeks later, to solidify retention of the pigment.

First session | 1.5hrs | $350
Second session | 1hr | $150

Top and bottom liner

First session | 2.5hrs | $550
Second session | 1.5hrs | $200

Bottom eyeliner

First session | 1.5hrs | $300
Second session | 1hr | $150

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