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Plasma Plaxpot is a new revolutionary method of cosmetic procedure that requires no cutting of the skin, no injectable anaesthetics, minimal downtime with surgery like results that can last up to five years.

During the procedure Plasma is created by electrical energy from the device, which at the right distance from the skin ionizes the oxygen and nitrogen in the air to create a small plasma arc, similar to a tiny lightning bolt. When this hits the skin it vaporizes any liquid in the skin at the point of contact, the surrounding skin tightens around it, giving a shrinking and lifting effect. Even though skin layers get vaporised by the plasma (via heating, fragmentation and vaporization), they do not burn off, they simply flake off a few days later as part of the healing process. The skin fibroblasts are stimulated to produce collagen and elastin giving a further tightening effect. Effects are visible right away, full results occur after 2-4 weeks.

The Plasma Pen can treat a number of skin imperfections


Baggy lower eyelids and excessive upper eyelid skin
Crow’s feet
Jowl lift
Neck lift
Lines and wrinkles around the mouth
Stretch marks and scars
Benign lesions including skin tags and sunspots
Improvement in the appearance of scarring, including post-surgery and acne scars

Numbing cream is used to minimize discomfort during procedure. Side effects are minimal and complications rare. There will be some tiny brown marks that have the appearance of minor scabbing which are called carbon crusts, but in 5-7 days they will flake away revealing new pink skin beneath. Some swelling will be seen (especially in the eyelid area) but it is likely to last 3-5 days at most. Swelling in the eye area is expected for a few days following upper eye lid treatment.

Face to face consultation is required to assess the best treatment plan. One treatment may be sufficient, this depends on treated area size and clients expected degree of correction. Additional procedure may be performed 6-8 weeks after the first one.

A skin sensitivity patch to our topical anaesthetic is required during consultation if you are a suitable candidate for treatment.

Plasma Plaxpot Skin Tightening Prices





Undereye area/wrinkles



Eyelift and Undereye area



Upper lip



Chin area



Upperlip and chin (goatee)



Please note prices are a guide only and may change during consultation depending on size of area to be treated.


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