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Profosma Jet Plasma

New Generation Skin Rejuvenation Jet Plasma is the most advanced technology to date that is being used for
Skin tightening
Skin rejuvenation
Skin lifting
Skin lightening
Shrinkage of pores
Decrease pigmentation
Decrease dark under eye circles
Treatment of Acne
Treatment of Rosacea

It can safely be used on any area that shows signs of ageing and skin sagging
including but not limited to face, neck, hands and even stomachs.
It works by remodelling and repairing the skin from the inside out by activating
the collagen and elastin powerhouse (fibroblast cells) all the way down to the subcutaneous tissue (fat Layer).

It does all this with no needles or anesthesia, no pain and no downtime.

Profosma Jet Plasma Prices

1 area = 1 CYCLE = 45 minutes = 3 x 15 minute sessions
For optimal results sessions to be done within 48-72 hrs of each other.

1 CYCLE x 3 sessions $850
2 CYCLES x 6 sessions $1600 (includes $100 discount)
3 CYCLES x 9 sessions $2100 (includes $450 discount)

1 Area of treatment =
Full face including eyes


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